CMS Comparison

CMS (Content Management Systems) are applications that allow organizing, updating, changing, deleting and adding content. They are the most frequently used applications for running blogs, business card and e-commerce websites. One of the greatest advantages of CMS is that they allow managing the workflow in the most collaborative and productive environment, which is why they are also frequently used by marketing and corporate websites. At the moment, the most widespread and most frequently used CMS are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. They have appeared approximately at the same time – Drupal in 2001, WordPress and  Joomla in 2003, but vary in complexity and technical background, necessary for their management. While WordPress requires very little technical background and can be considered intuitive, Drupal, which provides more possibilities for plugins addition, is also much more demanding in terms of technical preparedness of the staff. This comparison chart will help you determine, which CMS is the most suitable for your website and corresponds to your resources.

cms comparison chart

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