Responsive Web Design Best Practices

Responsive Web Design Best Practices - DesArt LabResponsive web design has become a must in web design, considering the increase in number of mobile devices. According to statistics, it is estimated that in 2017 the number of mobile users will reach 4.77 billion.

The ever increasing number of mobile devices and users is a trigger for web design companies to create websites that appeal to them and that can ensure a seamless web experience across all screen sizes. Notwithstanding the fact that Google recommends all websites to be responsive, getting quality responsive ones to the top of their search list.

The importance of responsive web design is that it has benefits for all screen sizes, from small to very large.

So, here are the best practices that web designers should consider when creating a responsive web design.

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5 Homepage Web Design Best Practices

5 Homepage Web Desing Best PracticesIn a world where online presence “is the new black”, the homepage web design is the first thing that your potential customers come in contact with your business.

And since the first impression counts, your homepage design should live up to their expectation and even surpass them.

The website homepage is one of the most important pages. And in order to make it look and perform well, there are several tips and tricks that web designers employ when designing this particular section of the website.

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4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website Speed

Tips to make your website work faster

If you’re a business owner, your slow website speed can cost you returning customers. If you’re a visitor, a slow loading website can be pretty frustrating.

If however, your website performance is fast, you can make it even faster. Every millisecond counts.

Does site speed really matter?

As a user, you can confirm that every now and then you bump into websites that have a poor performance. This makes you consider spending your precious time waiting for the page to load and you end abandoning it. There are other similar businesses, with a web presence, that can provide to their audience a better experience.

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5 Signs to Refresh Your Website

5 signs to refresh your websiteThere comes a time when the web design trends dictate to refresh your website. These trends are here to bring improvements to the functionality of your website and the results it garners.

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5 Small Business Website Design Tips to Help it Grow

5 web design tips to grow your small businessYour small business website design is the business card that you hand out to any potential Internet visitor. You spend time and effort to put it together and you want it to work for you.

However, small businesses, in their pursuit of gaining leads and customers, make various web design mistakes, which are against their long-run objectives.

Oftentimes, the homepage of your website is the first contact that people make with your business. And if it doesn’t hook them right away, they can leave without giving an additional glimpse at what you have to say.

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How to Create a Strategic SaaS Website Design

Tips for a conversion driven saas website

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a web-based tool that helps users use a software right from their browser, without the need to install it on their computers. The software is thus hosted in a central location and the user can access it easily. The user simply pays a monthly or yearly fee, depending on the package he selects.

When creating a SaaS website design you have a primary goal set in your mind – to get as many visitors and then convert these visitors into customers. There are different ways to do this:

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How to Create the Perfect One-Page Website Design

Single-Page-Website-DesignsOne-page website design is getting bigger and bigger. It is due to its simplicity, ease of navigation and ease of access that this web design trend is an excellent solution for different types of websites.

Is one-page website design right for my business?

Although this type of web design is suitable for a large number of projects and businesses, it doesn’t mean that it is the solution that covers all purposes.

A one-page website design can be used to create:

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7 Tips for Designing Great Food and Restaurant Websites

Restaurant web design tips. Restaurant website design is a tricky thing. First thing you need to consider is why do people go to restaurants? To have a delicious meal, to spend quality time with friends, to celebrate a special event or simply to relax in a nice and cosy ambience.

The second thing that must be taken into account is the guests that will come to your restaurant most often. To identify the target group, you must analyze the surrounding where the restaurant is located and the cuisine it will offer to the guests.

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How to Design For a Particular Target Audience?

How to design for a target audienceWhen you are about to embark on the adventure of designing a website, identifying the audience that the site will refer to is of the utmost importance. By knowing the audience your future website will be addressed to, will make it easier for the designer to create the feel and look that associates with the said audience. Not only will the audience dictate the colors and icons you use, but also the way you choose to portray them.

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E-commerce Website Design to Build an Engaging On-line Store

5 inspirational e-commerce web design approaches to attract customers

E-commerce websites’ popularity among on-line shoppers is only increasing year after year. Creating an e-commerce website design that responds to the users’ needs ensuring a seamless experience and easy navigation are the crucial features to attract a larger number of buyers on your on-line marketplace. Regardless of the products your company sells, there are web design trends which jointly increase the site’s popularity, and as such the company’s ROI.

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