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Pre-made Template or Custom Design – which one is for you?

It’s not a secret that no matter how small or large the business is – website is a must as it provides the online presence and gives your customers an opportunity to find you and order your products/services. Digital presence is important even for individual freelancers, aspiring to become business owners. Your website is the representation of your business, your digital business card, which is why it is crucial for it to look modern and function without any hiccups. Custom Design

One cannot underestimate the urge to make an exclusive website with custom design in order to attract your audience, however, such strategy can rarely pay off. If your website is going to be an eCommerce one, your first decision will be whether it’ll be hosted or non-hosted solution. While both have their advantages, non-hosted solution can be used only by those, who are tech savvy, otherwise one will just  get lost in technicalities and quit his startup before it even took off. The next step will certainly be website’s design – custom or pre-made template. Although sometimes it’s quite hard to choose, we will try to shed some light on the ways that can help you decide whether to go with custom design or pre-made template.

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The Cost of a Website

The inevitable question that arises at  some point of website discussion is: «How much it will cost?». However, the answer usually doesn’t work for clients as it cannot be precise. Whether you’re hiring a freelancer or an agency the cost of Cost of a websiteyour website will depend on many aspects and can vary from around $750, when hiring an oversea freelancer to 5K-10K if you decide to go with a professional agency.  It’s impossible to wrap your mind around the difference in pricing if you’ve never been familiarized with the process of website building. We’ll try to provide a general notion of the website pricing components, but this article can by no means be taken as a guide to determine the cost of the website you want.

Prices on websites seem to be very high, why is that? The mystery of high prices lies in the website building process. If you take time to familiarize yourself with it, you will be able to to outline the aspects that are of the most importance to you. It will allow you to budget properly and focus your efforts on aspects that are essential for your business. Knowing exactly what you want will help you find a great team of designers, uniquely qualified for the task at hand.

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