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Facebook Image Sizes Guide


There are very few social networks that can compete with Facebook in terms of popularity and advertising possibilities. Therefore, it’s only natural that overwhelming majority of businesses that have or even don’t have digital presence want to exploit a magnificent opportunity of advertising via Facebook. Although it’s not cheap, if you play your cards right, your investment will pay off in spades. All that’s required from you (apart from payment for the advertisements) is skillful representation of strong points of your business, which must also be the most relevant features of your business for the audience you’re targeting. In order to organize an advertisement like that you will most certainly need a vivid and engaging photo or image that will entice people to visit your website (by the way make sure it’s responsive or mobile-friendly – it’s a must if you want to build a successful marketing campaign). This Facebook Image Sizes Guide will help you choose correctly the right images for advertisements.

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CMS Comparison Chart: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

CMS Comparison

CMS (Content Management Systems) are applications that allow organizing, updating, changing, deleting and adding content. They are the most frequently used applications for running blogs, business card and e-commerce websites. One of the greatest advantages of CMS is that they allow managing the workflow in the most collaborative and productive environment, which is why they are also frequently used by marketing and corporate websites. At the moment, the most widespread and most frequently used CMS are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. They have appeared approximately at the same time – Drupal in 2001, WordPress and  Joomla in 2003, but vary in complexity and technical background, necessary for their management. While WordPress requires very little technical background and can be considered intuitive, Drupal, which provides more possibilities for plugins addition, is also much more demanding in terms of technical preparedness of the staff. This comparison chart will help you determine, which CMS is the most suitable for your website and corresponds to your resources.

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WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet


WordPress is the most popular and most widely used Content Management System. It’s free, open-source and very easy to manage. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. One of its greatest advantages is its relative scalability, which is achieved with the help of corresponding plugins. At the moment there exist over 40 000 plugins that help to expand the possibilities of your blog or website. These plugins can be easily used for simple and complex tasks alike. For example, you can optimize your website for SEO with plugin analyzing the SEO-friendliness of your pages. You can even receive corresponding recommendations on what to  update in order to get the best results for SEO. All in all, it’s clear that websites or blogs created on WordPress possess multitude of options, can be expanded if needed, can boast a modern and stunning look and are easily deployed on server. Nowadays, knowledge of WordPress is crucial for designing cutting-edge and affordable website, which is why this WordPress Cheat Sheet will help you easily learn its basics!

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