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Popular Web Design Trends for 2016

Web Design TrendsResponsive website design becomes increasingly popular, practically a must for companies that wish to extend their reach across numerous platforms and attract visitors with various devices. Knowing the new tendencies is extremely important for web designers and design studios in general. Nevertheless, it’s worth to read the research papers on the new trends to see if they actually pay off and work as they were intended to, attracting masses. Sometimes, people think that they want something, while actually they lose interest to this item/action very quickly. You need to design your website in a way that will appeal to customers and attract them whether they like it or not.

For example, people just love information, especially interesting one. We are all information junkies, it gives us some sort of rush, like tasty food or sex. However, we’re unable to process big volumes of information, despite our desire to have it. This is the reason why text on the websites is presented in short blocks with clear and large headlines. Thus, you will pay your full and undivided attention at least to one of the presented articles and won’t divert it to some eye-candy: shiny and engaging.

So, in order to be on top of your competition you need to know for sure what tendencies are and will be in next year. What innovations and web design trends are we to expect in 2016? Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

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6 Amazing Interactive Web Toys

Sometimes you just need some time to forget about all the stress that web design and web development can put on you. You need to relax …and what can be better for this purpose than engaging and beautiful interactive web toys . Today, we present five of them, handpicked by our team. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!

1) Silk

Silk is an amazingly beautiful interactive web toy that allows you to draw various patterns, while listening to the music. Due to the fact that you have two drawing points simultaneously, your creations are perfectly mirrored and consist of the stunning clouds of light blue shades. However, in case you want to change color in order to update your design – you can do so by using the controls to the left.

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