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Responsive Web Design Best Practices

Responsive Web Design Best Practices - DesArt LabResponsive web design has become a must in web design, considering the increase in number of mobile devices. According to statistics, it is estimated that in 2017 the number of mobile users will reach 4.77 billion.

The ever increasing number of mobile devices and users is a trigger for web design companies to create websites that appeal to them and that can ensure a seamless web experience across all screen sizes. Notwithstanding the fact that Google recommends all websites to be responsive, getting quality responsive ones to the top of their search list.

The importance of responsive web design is that it has benefits for all screen sizes, from small to very large.

So, here are the best practices that web designers should consider when creating a responsive web design.

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5 Homepage Web Design Best Practices

5 Homepage Web Desing Best PracticesIn a world where online presence “is the new black”, the homepage web design is the first thing that your potential customers come in contact with your business.

And since the first impression counts, your homepage design should live up to their expectation and even surpass them.

The website homepage is one of the most important pages. And in order to make it look and perform well, there are several tips and tricks that web designers employ when designing this particular section of the website.

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