Time Killer Games – Entertainment Portal Turnkey Development

In this project, we were tasked with turnkey development of multifunctional entertainment portal, offering users a chance to play exiting Flash and HTML5 games. We also needed to develop and design control panel for the portal to allow intuitive content management. Another task was portal SEO optimization for its further promotion through SEO and SMM. It’s not a secret that market of flash games is overcrowded, which is why the new entertainment portal had to be absolutely stunning and highly functional. It needed to possess positive user experience, be interactive and offer intuitive navigation in order to keep visitors engaged. Client had an idea of the portal’s design, which was flawlessly implemented by us.
Before we proceeded with project development, we have conducted a thorough market research and competitive analysis in order to outline unique features of the future entertainment portal that needed to be stressed. Apart from that, the research helped us to identify the most popular trends in this segment of the market as well as determine which framework had to be used for this entertainment portal. We chose to go with laravel framework as it suited our needs the best.
During our work on this project, we have accomplished such services as website design, coding, SEO and Market Research. We managed to create a very convenient control panel that allowed admins to easily make modifications and updates. We have also integrated SEO, which greatly facilitated work on website’s promotion.
The cornerstone of our work process is feedback from our clients, which is why we have asked our client to provide his feedback after each milestone we have accomplished. The received feedback helped us to shape the notion of the client’s idea in our head and implement it accordingly. As a result, we have created a stunning and multifunctional entertainment portal, where people can play and upload Flash and HTML5 games.

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