3D Modelling

At DesArt Lab we pride ourselves on catering to the most demanding clients, designing highly detailed 3D animation and game inspired models, toys and miniatures, and other hobby items. We adapt to our customers’ requirements and translate them into original 3D content. We are always keeping track of the market trends and strive to cater to the high expectations of our niche audience.

When designing 3D models we follow three approaches:

  • We see what is in trend among our audience
  • We reflect our audience’s vision
  • We make virtual world step into the reality

These approaches are implemented successfully in our 3D modelling process.

Custom-made 3D models

We are open to create custom-made 3D models according to your requirements and specifications and ensure the most accurate results and a friendly approach to the task.
Our professional 3D modellers will design 3D models in the tiniest of details and guarantee enjoyable interaction with your favorite video/computer game character beyond your computer screen. They will also create the most ingenious crafts & hobby items that will bring out the distinctive nature in you.

We work with 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya 3D, Zbrush, MudBox, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects 3D computer graphics software to create the best 3D hobby/game/animation models. Also, all 3D models are provided in .STL files that are adapted for SLA/SLS and FFF printers. The files are tested in CuraEngine, Sli3er, Skeinforge and netFabb and we guarantee error-free printing.

Check out our wide range of amazingly created 3D printable models on Gambody.com.

Why should you choose our 3D modelling service?

  • Premium 3D modelling services
  • Open-minded 3D artists, who embrace new challenges
  • Custom-tailored, high detail fidelity products
  • Full-service circle: from conception to final result
  • Quality guaranteed

Let us give shape to an amazing hobby/game/animation item, toy or miniature model and enjoy an effortless printing experience.