Graphic Website Design

Process of Web Design Creation

designOftentimes people who are in need of professional web design have a very vague notion of what exactly the process of work on their website’s design encompasses. While some realize the extent of work and approximate time frame, others consider that it can be accomplished in a couple of days and shouldn’t cost much. However, everything depends on the type of design you need and on the professionalism and amount of people you intend to hire. Professional web design studio will charge more, but will provide clean cutting-edge design that will yield lots of new customers, while a simple and amateur work, made on a napkin, will not have the desired marketing effect. “A Web Site Designed” chart below will give you a definite and clear notion about the process of web design creation from the very start to finish. You’ll be able to find out about milestones, degree of your involvement into the process, timeline and the important aspects that need to be considered.

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Graphic Design: Old School vs Modern

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art and communication above everything else. Just like any art it’s multifaceted, which is why the approach of two graphic designers can be very different. While some people prefer old school way, others like to employ modern technologies. There is no way to determine which one is better than the other, nevertheless one can certainly compare the two approaches and figure out which one is better for him and his work. So, the question is are you an old school graphic designer or an innovative one?

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