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How to Create a Strategic SaaS Website Design

Tips for a conversion driven saas website

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a web-based tool that helps users use a software right from their browser, without the need to install it on their computers. The software is thus hosted in a central location and the user can access it easily. The user simply pays a monthly or yearly fee, depending on the package he selects.

When creating a SaaS website design you have a primary goal set in your mind – to get as many visitors and then convert these visitors into customers. There are different ways to do this:

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How to Create the Perfect One-Page Website Design

Single-Page-Website-DesignsOne-page website design is getting bigger and bigger. It is due to its simplicity, ease of navigation and ease of access that this web design trend is an excellent solution for different types of websites.

Is one-page website design right for my business?

Although this type of web design is suitable for a large number of projects and businesses, it doesn’t mean that it is the solution that covers all purposes.

A one-page website design can be used to create:

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