Landing pages design

Creating a top landing page can be challenging. It’s main purpose is to convert visitors coming from online marketing campaigns as quickly as possible. And this is where a custom-tailored landing page comes in handy. Full-screen images, clean, bold designs, smart layout are essential elements of successful landing pages design.

Our team of expert landing page designers is always ready to take up the challenge and deliver highly conversion web pages. Our web development company prides itself for designing highly functional web and mobile landing pages, to cover as many PC and mobile device users as possible and to optimize your conversion rates.

In order to keep the visitor interested and eager to find out what might happen next there are several features that each page must feature.

Things that make a landing page effective:

Clear headline. The headline is the first thing that the user sees on your landing page. The headline must be simple for visitors to understand quickly its purpose.

Single primary call to action (CTA). Page elements must be inviting for users to click on it and see what happens next.

– Collection data form. The form must be kept simple, with not too much information requested from the user, to avoid the possibility of his leaving the page before going to the next level.

Images. Image used on this type of page must be in line with the copy displaying on it. Smart, to the point images are a best way of communication with the end users.

– Trust elements. Trust elements are the often overlooked component of a landing page. They can include customer reviews, testimonials, privacy policies, business certifications, awards and so forth.