Smart Watch UI/UX Design

With the development of the newest smart wearables, designers are faced with the challenge of creating impressive smart watch UI/UX designs. This trend has recently invaded our lives and it seems to enjoy huge popularity among smart watch holders. Our company’s professional web designers have taken up the trend pace and are ready to cater to you the best wearable design inspirations that will impress even the most capricious customer.

Smart wearable is the newest satellite to your smartphone, displaying content that will make the user direct its attention to his smartphone, for a more detailed insight.

Smart watch UI/UX design must be intuitive and responsive, given the fact that the screen area of this gadget is limited, and make the experience interactive between the smart watch and the smartphone.

What is that we can do to ensure an Apple and Android smart watch outstanding UI/UX?

Design of:

  • Home screen
  • Weather
  • Phone
  • Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Navigation
  • Email
  • Music

These are the basic set of applications that a smart watch can have. There are other numerous applications that can be added, depending on your preferences and social media presence. We are ready to create Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media application smart watch design that will keep you up-to-date about any trends and events with a simple glance to your wearable widget.

People interact with watches at glance, which means that they spend little time when having a look at their watch to see what the time is. This principle is used and for smart watch UI or UX design. Designers know that they must incorporate only relevant information that will eventually make the user grab its phone and look for details. It is also important to decide on the right text size that will allow an effortless interaction with your wearable.

We will make sure that the smart watch UI/UX designs that we cater for you will make you enjoy your smart watch widget’s minimalist, yet smart app elements.