Mac OS desktop UI Design

Mac OS desktop UI design comes in very boring features. You certainly are not one of those people who don’t care about the appearance of their desktop experience. Mac desktop design is a niche explored by countless website designers. However, our team of highly professional experts is here to make you experience the best desktop user interface design out there.

Bold, with character, but easy to work with, these types of designs are developed with the thought to meeting business goals and to the end users. The design we provide is easy to navigate and to use even by those less familiar with such types of applications.

We will create and UI design that will be highly intuitive, easy to navigate through and uncluttered.

Here is what we can change in your Mac desktop design to make it look more appealing:

1. Create personalized icons. We can badge your folders with icons and images.
2. Desktop images. Tired of dull wallpapers on your Mac desktop? It can also be fixed. We will make sure that the wallpapers we provide are dynamic and even animated, which can be real fun.
3. Change account icon. It must seem as a purposeless thing, but, hey, we all have our things. If you are one of those people fixed on every detail of their desktop experience, then we understand you better than anyone.
4. Custom logon message. Even the login message can be tailored to your preferences.
5. The Menu bar. We will add color and other features that will make it stand against the background.
6. A 3D desktop. We will turn your Mac OS X desktop into a cool 3D environment.

The Mac OS X desktop UI design that we will cater for you will be customized to your personal preferences and business identity, adding personality to your desktop design.