Social Profiles Creative Design

Social profiles are important for a consistent presence across social sites, to gain credibility and branding. Poorly written profile is a no-no for potential partners and customers. If you want to be taken seriously, your social profile design must look smart and credible.

We can help you!

We are a team of outstanding creative designers that will ensure that your social profile that represents you, your business or your brand works for you, not against you.

First, we will get to know you and your business and brand better to be able to craft the social profile design that will entice viewers to access your profile page and make business connections. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn page – you name it, we’re on board to make your page on these social networks have business allure.

Then, we will use your business logo, color palette and other of your identifiable elements. We will also deliver you highly intuitive and creative cover art for each of your networks.

And finally, we will make sure that your online social profile design is in line with your visual identity elsewhere.

Here are 2 of the main features to create social profiles creative design:

Individuality. There are a lot of social profiles, either for brands, companies or individuals. What you don’t want is to have another personality lacking page, where information is shown in an incoherent way. We will make sure that your profile looks professional and well organized.

Consistency. Small, but significant elements, such as background picture, profile picture, logo and cover/banner will make the visitors give more credit to your profile. When designing social media profiles for your company, we will make sure that your design is consistent with the company’s branding, demonstrates the services that the company provides, and serves as a strong call to action if the design is for a promotion/social media campaign.