At the moment, jQuery can be considered the most popular free cross-platform JavaScript library. It’s an open-source software, developed to facilitate client-side scripting. This library is a perfect software for creation of dynamic and fluid web apps and pages. It provides opportunities to develop plug-ins, create animations and widgets. One of the greatest advantages of jQuery is that it’s extensible, which means that it allows nearly unlimited opportunities for adding events, elements and methods. Another important advantage is the fact that this toolkit eliminates cross-browser inconsistencies, greatly facilitating the work of the UI across various browsers. Developers prefer to use jQuery because it allows full separation of JavaScript code and HTML markup. Debates on whether designers should or should not know the basics of programming are still on, meanwhile why don’t you do yourself a favor and learn the main principles of jQuery?! We promise that you won’t regret it! This jQuery Mega Cheat Sheet will definitely help you with that.

jQuery cheat sheet

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