Marketplaces design

Traditional marketplaces that we all know are no longer trendy. Nowadays, all have something to sell and the easiest and the most available way to do it is to give a shot to online marketplace.

Online marketplaces are platforms where one can sell online without investing time and money in creating one’s own e-commerce website.

What we can ensure as a company with experience in designing highly convertible marketplace platforms is that the end solution will be custom-tailored to your business’ needs and goals. Check out our portfolio to see examples of our outstanding web pages designs. 

Online marketplaces can be divided into:

Online platforms listing services. Simple in design and functionality, this online store can be used even by those with little skills in online store realm. Our web designers will create an online marketplace that is tuning into the needs of your customers. The online shopping experience will be custom-tailored and intuitive. What distinguishes this type of marketplace is that the way the payment is made is agreed between the seller and the buyer.

Online shopping & auction web pages. Online shopping & auction web pages are complex online marketplace solutions, with built-in payment gateway. The marketplace website build team will enable smooth running of the web page, user-friendly interface, simplicity and functionality of online store shopping experience for any of your customers.

Important features that marketplaces design must include:

1. Newsletter pop-up – newsletters are pieces of content that are created to keep the visitors updated on the latest campaigns and offers.

2. Rating & reviews – if you want your website to gain credibility and be trustworthy among customers, the rating & reviews section is a must have.

3. Social icon visibility – social icons allow for your website to sync with other highly popular social platforms where most of your customers spend their time.

4. Filters. These components are designed to facilitate navigation through the large variety of items that your website displays.