Infographics Design

Infographics are visual representations of information. Today’s infographics are more eye-catching than simple excel charts and graphs that we all are used to.

Our designers know their job and will create for your business infographics that make an impression. They will design interactive data visualization that will make users spend more time on your website and increase internet traffic.

Our infographic designers are aware of the importance to choose a palette that suits all themes of your website. They will also consider what looks good online for your business field. The information that you want to share with your customers will be transformed into visually stimulating and comprehensive design that tells a story and doesn’t miss a chance to visualize data.

Here are the steps we follow in delivering great infographics design:

  1. Gathering data. It all begins with rumbling through raw data that our experts collect.
  2. Reading everything. Our designers will ensure that no important information has beenb missed and that the facts support the story being told.
  3. Finding the narrative. Infographics have a unique intent. They are meant to clarify complex data, explaining processes or highlighting trends. Finding the great narrative is the conveying whether the designer is interested in the story and the way the subject matter is being told.
  4. Identifying problems. In many cases the data does not tell the story that the client wants. But, having studied the topic, our designer will be able to present more valuable narratives.
  5. Creating hierarchy. At this stage the designer will organize the project and will solidify the hierarchical structure of the infographic.
  6. Building a wireframe. The designer will build an understandable visual representation of the information.
  7. Choosing a format. Information can be represented in many ways: charts, graphs, lines, bars and etc. Whatever the format, usually the data is the one choosing the format will be represented.
  8. Testing. The infographic has shape and form but must be first tested to avoid any drawbacks in its functionality.
  9. Releasing into the world. Once the designer and client are both comfortable with the design, the infographic makes its debut into the online.

Our  infographic design company pride itself for completing beautiful infographic design projects that are easily identifiable. Check our portofolio to visualize our  previous works. We have more than affordable rates, so don’t hesitate to contact us!